The Adam Project (2022) Hollywood Movie

The Adam Project
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The Adam Project is the latest Hollywood movie released on 11 March 2022. The movie features two greatly famous actors Ryan Reynolds and Mark Ruffalo and one actress Zoe Saldaña. These three actors are very famous for Marvel movies but Ryan Reynolds is not famous for only Marvel’s Deadpool character but because he created so many wonderful movies.

The movie is available to watch on the famous OTT platform Netflix. This movie is directed by Shawn Levy. The official language of this movie is English but is also dubbed into many Indian languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, and many more. The length of this movie is 106 minutes.


If you have watched good types of time travel movies then you can find many loopholes in this movie. And if you know the time to travel from only Marvel movies then your mind will be blown after watching this movie. Maybe, the small brain of some people will question that bro why multiverse didn’t create?

This thing is tried to explain in the movie with some humor, read carefully if you want to know, maybe you will get it. The reason I am saying this movie budget Avengers is because we got to see our Avengers Hulk, Deadpool, and Gamora in one movie. And they do time travel which is invented by our Hulk means Mark Ruffalo. I told this movie budget movie because I decently liked the movie. No, if you are thinking that this movie is not good that I am telling you that this movie has good things to show.

Point number 1. In this movie, the majority of the action scene we see is very amazing because they are coming back from the future so, they show us many future technologies. Yes, you can say that they copied many things in this for example Darth Maul’s Lightsaber. But into that, they added some cool powers and other techs like invisibility which is used by the villains.

Overall I got a very good experience seeing how the director shot these action scenes.

Point number 2. The thing I liked in the movie The Adam Project is the movie’s humor. So, see if Ryan Reynolds is in this movie then definitely he will play his character like Ryan Reynolds. His acting and how characters get into trouble, again and again, use comedy in the movie as a defense mechanism which is good like each of his movies.

The thing in the movie I didn’t like is the passing of the movie. I don’t know why the movie is so fast and running very fast. they ended the movie in 1 hour 40 minutes. And another thing which I didn’t like is the villain of this movie. The character becomes moreover a generic villain.

So, this is the review of The Adam Project. There are some good things and some bad things which did not like in the movie. That’s why I want to say this movie is a decent movie. If you want to watch a good timepass entertaining movie then you can choose to watch it with Netflix.


The ratings of this movie are good. over 54k people rated this movie 6.8/10 on IMDb, which is a good rating. On Rotten Tomatoes the movie got ratings of 68% from 166 reviewers and 79% from the audience. On Metacritic, the movie got 55% ratings by 48 critics.

The overall ratings of this movie are good.


  • Ryan Reynolds as Adam Reed.
    • Walker Scobell as young Adam Reed.
  • Mark Ruffalo as Louis Reed.
  • Jennifer Garner as Ellie Reed, Adam’s mother.
  • Catherine Keener as Maya Sorian.
  • Zoe Saldaña as Laura Shane.
  • Alex Mallari Jr. as Christos.