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TamilYogi is a website where we upload informational content about movies and entertainment. Tamilyogi Proxy is a service to access our latest website with the help of a Proxy. There are many proxy sites from where you can access our website. There are many websites that are copied from our site and pretend to be like our site but this is the only Tamilyogi website. The real domain of our site is “tamilyogi.film”.


  1. Best TamilYogi Proxies
    1. Kproxy
    2. Hidemyass
    3. Hide.me
  2. Why do people use proxies?
  3. Is using a proxy safe?

Best TamilYogi Proxies

TamilYogi Proxy

To access our website through proxies there are many Tamilyogi proxy services you can use. Some of them are-


Kproxy is very famous for its free proxy services. You can use their services to access any website in the world and also access our website. The website is more than 5 years old and is reliable for proxy use. There is a total of 10 server locations you can select to access our site but these servers are not specified where these servers are located.


Hidemyass is another famous free-to-use proxy website that you can use to access to our website. There is a total of six server locations that you can use to access our websites. The first location is from New York, USA, the second is from Seattle, USA, the third server location is from Frankfurt, Germany, the fourth server location is from Amsterdam, Netherlands, the fifth server location is from London, UK and the last sixth server location is from Prague, Czech Republic.


Hide.me is the famous alternative to Kproxy and Hidemyass and it is also totally free of cost to use. There are only three server locations available to use in Hide.me that are located in Europe. The first server location is in the Netherlands, the second server location is in Germany and the third last server location is in Finland.

Why do people use proxies?

There are many reasons behind the use of a Proxy service. If anyone wants to hide their Ip address and access a website then he must use a Proxy site or a VPN service.

Is using a proxy safe?

Yes and no. If you are serving a normal website that has nothing to do with any personal information or your bank then it is totally safe to use. But it is totally not safe if you are using a banking site or any social media site through a proxy site.