Racer (2023) Tamil Movie

Racer is a newly launched Tamil Movie that was released on 7 April 2023. The movie is written and directed by Satz Rex and produced by Kartik Jayas and Santhosh Krishnamurthy. The cinematography of the movie is done by Prabhakar and the movie is edited by Ajith NM. The music of the Racer movie is done by Barath. The production companies of the Racer movie are Hustlers Entertainment and Redal Mediaworks. The movie is distributed by Action Reaction Films. The movie is available in only the Tamil language.

The main characters from the movie are Akil Santhosh as Ashwin, Lavanya Anbazhagan, Aaru Bala, and Subramanian Mathavan. The Racer movie is a sports-related movie and the trailer of this movie was released on 29 March 2023. There is only one song from the Racer movie. The one and only song from the movie is “Azhage” with lyrics by Satz Rex, music by Barath, and sung by Sudarshan Ashok. The length of the first song from the movie is 3 minutes and 18 seconds.

Racer TamilYogi
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Cast List of Racer

  • Akil Santhosh as Ashwin
  • Lavanya Anbazhagan
  • Aaru Bala
  • Subramanian Mathavan

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The Racer movie got positive reviews from audiences and decent bad reviews from critics. Only 53 people rated this movie 9.7 stars out of 10 stars on IMDb, which are good reviews but can be fake reviews as reviewers are very low. Jayabhuvaneshwari B from Cinema Express rated this movie 2.5 stars out of 5 stars and said “Another plus point of the film is that it does not promote illegal street racing in any way.”

Logesh Balachandran from The Times of India rated this movie 2.5 stars out of 5 stars and said “The technical aspects complement the story well, delivering a neat film. Racer does manage to finish decently, but isn’t powerful enough to leave a lasting impact on the audience.”

A critic from Southfirst rated this movie 2.5 stars out of 5 stars and said “Two factors play a significant role in ensuring this. First is the narration. The director presents the background of the story as a first-person account and that makes it easier for audiences to relate to the story.”

Watch Racer Movie

The Racer movie is currently running at the box office and if you want to watch the movie then you have to go to the nearest theatre where the movie is currently running you can find it from BookMyShow and also book tickets online. If you can’t find any theatre near you where the movie is currently running then you must have to wait until the movie got released on an OTT platform like Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, Zee5, and Sony Liv.

After the movie got released on one of these platforms you just have to buy a subscription to the platform and then you can watch and download the movie legally without any issues from the official OTT platform partner of the movie.