Pushpa 2022 Tamil Movie, Movie Review, Plot

Puspa Movie Download Trailer

Pushpa is the latest movie released by the famous superstar of India and south Allu Arjun. The movie was released in theatres on 17 December 2021 and the movie is also going to release on Amazon Prime. The movie is very successful even Allu Arjun didn’t think that before about it.

The plot of the movie

The plot of the movie Pushpa is so simple and the same as KGF. There was a person which is Allu Arjun in the movie. He was very poor before but his knowledge makes him a millionaire. He was a worker at the start of the movie then he thought that this work is not enough to get rich. So, he goes and joins a gang of illegal tree cutters who illegally cut Chandan trees and sell them.

Chandan or sandalwood is illegal to cut in India but they are cutting it and starting to sell it to the mafia of Bangalore. After that, the police come and try to stop them many times but the hero (Allu Arjun) fightback the police with his power and knowledge.

Overall Review

If you like to watch South movies then this will be a masterpiece for you. The fight scenes and everything was very nice. You should watch the movie. Their love and attitude and everything make this movie a perfect South movie.

The acting of Allu Arjun is amazing, his works are great in the past as well. There will be many twists in the movie especially in the last scene of the movie.

Overall you will enjoy the fight scene of the movie and the attitude of the hero (Allu Arjun) in the movie. The famous dialogue of the movie is “Pushpa, Pushparaj” Which will give you goes boom. Rashmika Mandanna, the heroine of the movie, did play his role greatly.

Trailer of the Movie

You can download the trailer of the movie by copying this link and going to any downloader website and past it there to download the trailer.