Kodai (2023) Tamil Movie

Kodai is a newly launched Tamil Movie that was released on 10 February 2023. The movie is written and directed by Raajaselvam. The movie is produced by S. Pandi Durai and the cinematography of the movie is done by Arjunan Karthick. The Kodai movie is edited by G. Sasikumar and the music of the movie is done by Subash Kavi. The production company of the movie is SS Pictures and the official runtime of the movie is 136 minutes.

The main characters from the movie are Karthick Singa as Baskar, cottage lessee protagonist, Anaya as Pavithra, volunteer firewoman, Robo Shankar as Paandi, Baskar’s friend, M. S. Bhaskar as Gnaanam, cottage ironer, G. Marimuthu as Thangamani, a teashop owner, and Singamuthu as the Broker. There is a total of five songs from the movie. The first song from the movie is “Avasaram Ipo Avasaram” with lyrics by Thiaga Rajan and Subash Kavi and sung by Anthony Daasan and Velmurugan. The length of the first song from the movie is 4 minutes and 6 seconds.

The second song from the Kodai movie is “Nalladhey Nadakkum” with lyrics by Raajaselvam and sung by S. P. Charan. The length of the second song from the movie is 4 minutes. The third song from the movie is “Enna Un Kanakku” with lyrics by Subash Kavi and sung by Mano. The length of the third song from the movie is 4 minutes and 35 seconds. The fourth song from the movie is “Ilavenil Poley” with lyrics by Karthi Sri and sung by Subash Kavi and Pandi Durai. The length of the fourth song from the movie is 3 minutes and 3 seconds.

The last and fifth song from the movie is “Unna Pathi Mulusa” with lyrics by Subash Kavi and sung by Karthik and Vandana Srinivasan. The length of the fifth and last song from the movie is 4 minutes and 57 seconds. The total length of these five songs combined from the movie is 20 minutes and 43 seconds.

Kodai Tamilyogi
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Cast List of Kodai

  • Karthick Singa as Baskar, cottage lessee protagonist
  • Anaya as Pavithra, a volunteer firewoman
  • Robo Shankar as Paandi, Baskar’s friend
  • M. S. Bhaskar as Gnaanam, cottage ironer
  • G. Marimuthu as Thangamani, teashop owner
  • Singamuthu as the Broker
  • Ajay Rathnam as Anandan
  • Bose Venkat as Venkat, fake cop
  • Swaminathan as Vadivel
  • G. Gnanasambandam as the orphan caregivers
  • Scissor Manohar as Pazhani, Baskar’s friend
  • Crane Manohar as Vadivel’s brother-in-law
  • Anand Babu as Pavithra’s father
  • Vincent Roy as the cottage owner
  • K. R. Vijaya as Roja
  • Nalini as Reels Beauty
  • Vaishali Thaniga as Geetha, Pavithra’s friend
  • Jeevitha as Pavithra’s mother
  • Karate Raja as Madhan
  • Meesai Rajendran as the fake cop
  • Simbu Thoufiq as Manohar, love proposal guy

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The movie got positive reviews from audiences and critics. Only 21 people rated this movie 9.1 stars out of 10 stars on IMDb, which can be fake reviews as reviewers are very low. A reviewer from The Hindu Tamil rated this movie 2 stars out of 5 stars and said “The director, who thought the appropriate story for the two-matter title, was not thrilled with the ‘ flag’s lack of clarity on what should be included.

Watch Kodai Movie

The Kodai movie is currently running at the box office. If you want to watch the movie now then you have to go to the nearest theatre where the movie is currently available to watch. If you can’t find any theatre where the movie is currently running then you have to wait until the movie got released on an OTT platform like Sun NXT, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and SonyLiv.