Jhund (2022) Bollywood Movie

Jhund Tamilyogi

Jhund is the latest Bollywood movie, released on 4 March 2022. The movie features Amitab Bacchan as the main character. The movie Jhund is based on a real story, you can call it a biofilm. In this movie, Amitab Bacchn is playing the character of Vijay Barse, who exists in real life and this film tried to show the work he has done.

But, after the time stamp of 20-25 minutes, Amitab Bacchan’s character quotes a very important line so, don’t miss that line, listen to it very carefully If you don’t listen to It then you will not understand what is this movie about.

One thing this movie tells us is that If you are alive in this world then you have to struggle every day. If someone rejects you today you should think “So, what?” You should try again the next day.

If you see the picture of this movie then you can see that Amitab Bacchan is appeared to be big, but every people who appeared in the back of him, almost all of them appeared in the movie. I am telling this because most of the time any movie is created on the topic of Sports we see that the movie focus on the story of only 2-3 people and others compromised in the background but not in this movie.

This movie makes it possible to share as many interesting stories as it can, that’s why the movie is nearly 3 hours like actually, this movie’s run time is 2 hours 58 minutes.

In this full movie, one of the things which I liked the most is the realism of this movie like how the movie shows the lifestyle of the people who live in the slums with realism.

Acting of Jhund

In the department of acting, one thing which blew my mind is that did they cast these actors who played the role of this movie, or are they just real persons who live in slums and played good acting in front of the camera? Can you imagine? it was like a perfect illusion. And this is not for only 2 or 4 characters but for all of the characters in showed in the movie.

You will actually forget at one point in time that you are actually watching a movie. Part of living in slums showed in a very good and realistic way.

I know that many of you people will go to the theatre to watch this movie because this movie features Amitab Bacchan and I respect him but in this movie they did not show the many things about his personal life. But, Amitab Bacchan played the role very goodly.

Cinematography & Other things

The Cinematography and Music of this movie are great, After the interval, there is a full-fledged football match shown to us and after watching the match I feel very good.

The movie did not try to add as many comedy scenes but which are added that are connected with me and I laughed after watching it.

Cast list

  • Amitabh Bachchan as Vijay Borade
  • Akash Thosar as Sambhya
  • Rinku Rajguru
  • Kishor Kadam
  • Tanaji Galgunde
  • Somnath Avghade
  • Bharat Ganeshpure
  • Suraj Pawar
  • Vicky Kadian as Abhijeet Borade, Vijay’s son
  • Ganesh Deshmukh
  • Abhinay Raj Singh as Naveen

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The movie has got positive reviews on the internet. Over 2k people rated this movie 6.9/10 on IMDb. Over 3.9k people rated this movie 89% on Bookmyshow. Times of India rated this movie 2/5 and NDTV rated this movie 4.5/5. Over 1k people rated this movie 4.6/5 on Google.

The ratings of this movie are great and reasonable. If you want to watch a sports movie which is very realistic and shows living life of slums soo realistically then you should watch this movie.