Avengers: End Game, Review, Plot

Avengers End Game

Avengers: End Game is the latest Avengers movie after Avengers: Infinity War by Marvel. The movie was released on 26 April 2019. End Game’s Budget was 35.6 crores USD and the movie earned a box office collection of 279.75 crores USD. End Game is right now the most earned movie of all time after Avtar. The movie includes all of the superheroes of MCU including Ant-Man, Captain Marvel, which are not included in the Infinity War.

Marvel fans are eagerly waiting for this movie as this movie will answer the all questions of the marvel fans that what will happen next. At the release of this movie, seats are not available on theatre for some weeks as fans already booked them all.

Plot of Avengers: End Game

The plot of the movie Avengers: End Game is not so simple. After Thanos Vanish half of the universe then captain marvel comes to earth and meets Avengers at the starting of the movie and then they find Thanos somewhere in space on another planet. Then they go there with the spaceship of Star-Lord and then they found Thanos. When they ask Thanos about the stones he replied that he destroyed the stones with the power of stones.

Thanos was very weak because he used the power of all the infinity stones two times. And then Thor killed Thanos with anger because of his works and then the scene ends.

Ant-Man Comes

After all, Ant-man comes out from for a rat. He was on quantum realms from his last movie. When he comes back from that he was not aware of what Thanos did because he was a quantum. Then he go to his home and found that his small daughter is now very big and an adult. Then he goes to the Avengers office and meets Captain America and realizes what was happened.

5 years after killing Thanos, Ant-man gives another hope to regain the stones and revert what Thanos had done before by creating a Time Machine. Then they go to Tony Stark aka Iron Man and they see that he got a small daughter and his wife is so happy. They all tell the Time Machine plan to Iron Man and he rejects the plan as he doesn’t to be killed again as he has his daughter in life.

Hulk Finds Thor

Then Hulk goes to find Thor to the New Asguard which is on Earth now. He saw that Thor is now drinking beer and stuff and his body is now a family pack. Now his body is very bad. He does this because of his tensions.

End of The Movie

Then they successfully build the Time Machine with the help of Iron Man and then they go back too many times and get those stones and Natasha aka Black Widow will die in the movie. After that, they will back all the half vanished peoples and then another Thanos from those times where Avengers will go to get Stones will come with his full army and start the big war.

Then the big war will be fought and the scene was the best scene ever I seen in movies. After that Iron Man will get the stones by fighting Thanos and snap by himself and die because he can’t control the power of it. Then Thanos and his whole army will die and also Iron Man.

The movie will end with sadness.

Rating of Avengers: End Game

Avengers: End Game has an excellent rating with nearly 1 Million users rating the movie 8.4/10 on IMDb, which is very good and excellent for any movie. Also, Rotten Tomatoes rated the movie over 94%/100% which is again an excellent rating for any movie.


If you haven’t watched the movie then you should watch it today. This is a type of movie which comes after many years and everyone should watch it. End Game’s VFX and acting and everything were just amazing. I will recommend you to watch the movie.