Attack (2022) Bollywood Movie

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Attack is the latest Hindi language Bollywood Movie by John Abraham. The movie is released on 1 April 2022. The initial release date of this movie was 28 January 2022 but the release date had to be postponed because of the Covid-19 Virus. This movie features a very famous actor John Abraham. The science-fiction movie is now on theatre to watch and on the same day a new Hollywood movie was released which is Morbius but my preference is to see this movie first that’s why I go for this. I was personally excited for the Attack movie, that how will be the movie because there is a factor comes which is In India, movie creators don’t create Science- fiction movies much. I found it interesting that there is a Science-fiction movie going to launch and liked the trailer a lot.

So, let’s talk about the movie. When the trailer of this movie was released, many people were saying that this movie is a copy of Bloodshot, a Hollywood movie. I would say that some of the basic stories of this movie are matched with some Hollywood movies. In the love story which we saw in the movie because of which John Abraham takes the decision to become a Super Soldier is very basic but good compared to the last movie by the heroine Jacqueline Fernandez, which is Bachchhan Paandey, But don’t go to watch this movie with the thinking that the love story will affect in your mind.

In this story, they planned to add some surprises but viewers can assume them before it happens. If I want to say about the action of this movie then I have to mind the budget of this movie also. Because people who compared this movie with Bloodshot and other Hollywood movies then the budget of these Hollywood movies has nearly 4 times better budget than Attack Movie. The budget of this movie is INR 95 crores (US$ 12 million) and the budget of Bloodshot is INR 341 crores (US$ 45 million). This caused me to see some cool ideas in this movie’s action scenes but with it, I felt that If they spent some more budget to execute these then the action scenes can be better.

After watching this movie I saw that the movie creators have done good planning to create this movie but at the time of the shooting of this movie went all out, they may have had no budget, and to hide the mistakes they shook the camera many times and done very quick cuts, which in my taste I don’t like it. This movie did not satisfy me how I was excited to watch this movie but OK normal because in some scenes there are some good shots also.

This safe thing has happened with the VFX of this movie. There is no 100% perfect VFX in the movie but there is no shot in the movie which feels to be unreal, yes you can find some decreases but the budget is also low. This movie has a very good balance of the action scenes and the VFX. They did not try to make the action scenes the best, if they have done that then the VFX can be bad but they balanced the budget to these two things, which I think very good idea by the creator of this movie.

Then the topic comes from the background of this movie. I want to say that the person who gives the background music of URI : The surgical strike movie, is the same person who gives the background song in this movie. If you are expecting something after knowing this then YES the thing you are expecting will happen in the movie. The background music of this movie is a very big highlight of this movie. John Abraham has produced this movie and also roled as the main character in the movie so, he must be praised for his last movie Satyameva Jayate 2 movie, which I didn’t like but in this time he did a good job so, everyone should say good to him.

The role of Jacqueline Fernandez is not much big but she did his job well enough. I would say this movie is good to watch and you can watch this movie. Yes, this movie is not a masterpiece but you should give this a chance because there are not many movies created on science-fiction but they tried to create that’s why you should give them a chance. I loved this movie if you compare it with Indian standards. The runtime of this movie is 125 minutes or 2 hours and the passing of this movie is quite fast so, you will not feel bored with it that’s why I will recommend you to watch this movie in my personal way. If you have time and was interested to watch this movie before then go to the theatre and watch this movie.

Cast of Attack

  • Jacqueline Fernandez as Ayesha, Arjun’s love interest
  • Rakul Preet Singh as Dr. Sabaha Qureshi
  • John Abraham as Arjun Shergill, India’s first super-soldier
  • Prakash Raj as V K Subramaniam
  • Ratna Pathak Shah as Shanti Shergill, Arjun’s mother
  • Elham Ehsas as Hamid Gul

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The ratings of this movie are quite good and reasonable. Nearly 1k people rated this movie 7.2/10 on IMDb, which is decent good for a Bollywood movie. Times of India rated this movie 3.5/5, which is a decent good rating and NDTV rated this movie 2.5/5, which is quite bad.