Coolmovieshd is a movie piracy website. The website was created to share download links of newly launched pirated movies. Coolmovieshd website is now may be closed and not operational. There are many websites like this site are there which are providing download links to newly launched movies of Bollywood, Hollywood, and Web Series and mostly South Movies.

Earning of Coolmovieshd

Coolmovieshd website earns in many ways. The main source of this website was Advertisements and most of the websites earn through Advertisements including our website. But Coolmovieshd and these types of websites can’t get approval from Google Adsense which is the biggest platform to advertise and earn from websites. Because Google’s policy states that they did not show ads on sites where movie piracy is done.

Sharing copyrighted content without the permission of the owner of it is totally Illegal and Google does not show ads on these types of sites. But there are many other advertisers which don’t follow any strict guidelines and they approve any kind of website whether they do a legal thing or not.

Coolmovieshd Movies

The website Coolmovieshd shares movies from many languages and many sectors. The main sector they pirate movies in Bollywood. This website does pirate movies from Hollywood and South Movies but most movies are from Bollywood movies.


Impact on the film industry

When you go to the cinema and buy a ticket, you usually think you are paying for the movie. The reality is that you are actually buying a ticket for the movie, the popcorn, and the coke. The film companies make money from the tickets and some of that money is passed on to the actors, directors, and producers.

So why is it that the film industry is not making much money from the movies you watch? The answer is that thousands of people are watching the movies and they are doing it for free. Movie piracy is a very big problem in this digital world. Governments of our respective countries could not totally stop movie piracy.